Impressions of Argentina

My father has 6 sisters and 1 brother. His brother died in an airplane crash. I was 7 years old when my father arrived at home and said to my mother: I lost my brother. The small airplane that he constructed himself crashed between Foz do iguacu and Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. My brother did not realize his dream: To visit Buenos Aires, to dance tango and to eat picanha, the most famous meat in South America.

I pretended that I was sleeping and continued to hear the story of the family of my father. Since that moment I started to think about to visit Argentina. And visited three times and the last time was last month when I discovered how much the Argentinian are proud of their country. My impression began when I checked in and the man at the reception advertised me: “Can u speak English? Or Portuguese?” Why do I need to do that if you speak Spanish? He answered me: If you speak Spanish with me I won´t learn anything at all.

He said that to me with a simple mood and He wasn´t ashamed. Buenos AIres as all big Capital is a chaos…Noise, cars everywhere but you have to understand that today, the Argentinian are different. They aren´t the same because before they were very unsecure and now, I didn´t notice that! They show what they are. Of course that I´m not saying about the Government attitudes. Of course the Argentinian citizen continue loving Maradona and Evita Perón, tango and picanha but not only THESE things. I think that in all South America, Buenos Aires is the most “European” capital. The women are pure charming and the men are so…attractive, but I prefer the Uruguayan – these, yes, are really passionate.. Ok but please! If you visit Argentina, don´t forget to visit the countryside, an ESTANCIA, a farm where u can see how the life can be more simple and easy…like my decision to visit the poor area of BUenos Aires. Because to travel is more than taking photos. To travel is a chance to learn more about new cultures.

I was in the Federal Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, when I started a conversation with an Argentinian taxi driver. The subjects were about the life in Buenos Aires during the last ten years. One decade ago I visited Argentina , last time, and the things were a little bit complicated with poor people everywhere. Last month, I did not see any poor people around the corner. I did not see poor people in the countryside of Argentina. And I asked him: What happened with them? Are they rich? Did they die? The face of places in Buenos Aires gave me an uncertain, sad feeling that perhaps Brazil is one of a few countries in South America, where we cant hide the reality, cause when the door of the airplaine is opened we see the favelas, the contrast of Brazilian society. Or, the Brazilian public politician are totally wrong. And I asked him again: Please…I spent some days in Buenos Aires but something tells me it is not real.It is false. It was 8:30 am and he was driving us to BUquebus, the ship that connects Argentina with Uruguay by Rio del Plata. We were about to leave Argentina without to know more about the Capital, Buenos Aires. The taxi driver looked at me by the mirror and said : DO U WANT TO KNOW REAL ARGENTINA, GRACE? ARE U PREPARED?LET ME SHOW U, FOR SOME HOURS…the real Argentina.
FARM, CHILDREN, HORSES, FLOWERS, BUILDING, MEAT, TANGO, HAPPINESS, SNOW, WATERFALL, MUSIC, DANCER, FOOTBALL, MARADONA, EVITA, COLOR AND PROUD, TRADITION: THE FACE OF ARGENTINA, the country where I learned that I was born to travel ALONE. The journey to South America was the last trip I did with the same person…I was in a restaurant in Buenos Aires, when I listened this song: YO NO TE QUIERO( I DON´T WANT YOU), VICENTICO

I answered him:Yes…I am..we are… In some hours the reality changed completely… We were in San Telmo, the most popular and traditional area in Buenos Aires. The streets were with bad smell, children running and women sat in front of their houses, without to do anything. Drunk men, old houses. The only beautiful thing I saw there was the blue sky and the clouds running over our heads… I did not catch any photo. I was really surprised. I asked him very quickly: What happened with these people? How did the Government get to separate them…?

Constructions around and in front of the famous area, Grace…Look …those who come to Buenos Aires, see the beautiful areas and the colors of San Telmo and Caminito. The tourist companies do not show this… But who like u wants to see, we show .

When we stopped in front of Boca JUniors Stadion it was early morning and there was sitting a man. He saw that we were foreigners and started a conversation with me who was the only person who spoke Spanish. He told me it would be dangerous for us to stay there with cameras and equipment but he could protect us. And I answered him:” I am not worried about violence. It won´t happen with us”.He looked to me, laughed and said: Usted es Brasilena?(Are u Brazilian?) Somos hermanos. We are brothers.

When I travel, I like to come back home with a real impression of the country I have visited. I am very very curious and I ASK everything to taxi driver, hotel, restaurants, airport, shopping center. I spent an hour, by taxi, searching for Mafalda, the famous Argentinian doll.

Some minutes later, the taxi driver brought us to the other part where Onassis, the Greek man who is the grandfather of Athina, a Greek girl married to a Brazilian guy lived. He told us his life story and I discovered a reality: It does not matter how u were born,youcan change your situation. You can write your own story. it´s a pity that the world doesn´t have space for all of us to write a beautiful story. But if your country hides u from the reality, please, run into the street and fight for yourself. Fight for better days because the sunrise comes everyday and don´t forget: sooner or later the sunset will come…and everything will start again… THAT´S MY HOPE. THAT MUST BE YOUR HOPE.
FLOWERS FROM TODAY are to the Angentinian people.


  • Arija - I too like to see how the real people live, not just the tourist places.
    So good of you to write your impressions down so that we can share them as well.ReplyCancel

  • EG Wow, Canada - Wonderful glimpses of Argentina!ReplyCancel

  • SandyCarlson (USA) - Wow! These are really beautiful. Your eye has carried so much of the world to me, and I am grateful.ReplyCancel

  • luma rosa - Pois é, Grace! Acho engraçado que nossos vizinhos sulamericanos pensem que seu país faça parte do continente europeu. Quando visitam a região dos lagos pensam que estão em Ibiza, mas é melhor assim – ter um modo de encarar a realidade diferente. Beijus,ReplyCancel

    • Grace Olsson - @luma rosa,
      Mas tem alguns países cujas paisagens se parecem com paisagens de outros. Punta del Este no Uruguay é muito parecida com a Costa Del Sol na Espanha. Eu achei que a forma do Argentino falar em outro idioma foi visto por mim,como sinal de querer aprender. Nao foi sinal de querer ser Europeu. Muitas vezes, falamos outro idioma por necessidade. Mas, muita gente nao ver dessa forma e acha pura soberba.
      Enfim, cada um é cada um e sabe onde o sapato aperta.
      Também, nao é de hoje que Buenos Aires é falada e definida como “a cidade mais européia da América do SUl”. Baseada em quê e porquê, nunca parei para saber por que a minha zona de interesse nao é por aí.
      Dias felizes!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - Ok, you just added another place to visit on my bucket list! Love how you captured the simple beauty of the area!ReplyCancel

  • Hrandica - Beautiful stories and photos with lots of colours.I like them the most.It great to see the real world,although that can be painfull sometimes.
    Hugs to you and have a great week.ReplyCancel

  • January - very beautiful!

    Here’s My Flower for Today LavenderReplyCancel

  • Rosa - Grace, quando casamos, (a long time ago), depois de ficarmos alguns dias no Uruguai, fomos Colonia para Buenos Aires de Buquebus.
    Tive muitas outras oportunidades de ir a Argentina, mas a Buenos Aires nunca mais.
    O tango…ah, o tango! Adoro!
    Fotos supimpas, como sempre.

  • Laura Hegfield - so much beauty Grace!ReplyCancel

  • Jens - Ensolarada, colorida e alegre a Argentina dos teus olhos.
    Beijo, Grace.ReplyCancel

  • Elvira - Sabe Grace, eu nunca fui à Argentina, em particular em Buenos Aires. Morro de vontade…
    Minha irmã esteve lá neste final de semana.

    Um dia vai ser a minha vez.


  • NatureFootstep - great shots. :)ReplyCancel

  • Luiz Santilli Jr. - Olá Grace

    Quanto tempo, saudade de você!
    Mande fotos de suas flores e post você ainda em abril como Convidada!!
    Beijo, mainha cara!


  • Carver - Wonderful post. Your stories, memories and photography is fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Berg - The photo you saw was not a Swedish cemiteries, it was/is a part of my garden – fun that you did think that way and I can understand it. The photo is from last May and I had it on the blogg 1 of April when you can foul people.

    Take care, MBReplyCancel

    • Grace Olsson - @Maria Berg,


      I´m sorry but u wrote G, I thought in many things, garden, grave and I looked several times and though: it is a grave

      My husband said the same..


      Nice day,. Maria.ReplyCancel

  • Maria Berg - Going as a turist to acountry you will not see the coundtry only the “turist” thing. It is good of you to ask teh driver to take you around and you can see the other side as well.

  • Grace and Bradley, Taipei - Enjoy the music and slide show, especially the tango dancer!ReplyCancel

  • Grace and Bradley, Taipei - Love the music and the slide show, especially the tango dancers!ReplyCancel

  • Lui - Hi Grace!
    That was such an interesting conversation.
    Of course I agree with you.
    Travel does open your eyes to the different cultures and treasures that are in this world. I hope I can travel again.ReplyCancel

  • Lady Fi - Not sure if my comment got through?

    Just saying I love these photos – remind me of the good times I spent in Argentina as a kid.ReplyCancel

  • Lady Fi - I lived in Buenos Aires for four years as a kid, and it was quiet then. I still remember riding with old gauchos at the estancia of friends of ours.

    I love this glimpse into the small features of Argentina!ReplyCancel

  • Jidhu Jose - nice postReplyCancel

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